Corona Virus Pandemic Offers

surgical mask by swiss packaging

These are indeed trying times. The whole world is facing what it has never faced before, or at least for the last century. The Coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19 has brought the world into its knees. Every sector of the economy and normal lives adversely affected.

The government of Kenya has put guidelines to safeguard its citizens and curb the spread of the COVID-19. Among those is the requirement that everyone should put on a face mask at all times in public.

You’re wondering where to get high quality and approved masks? Don’t miss it, get it from Swiss Packaging Ltd. Wherever you are in the country, they supply them to your location, all over the country.

Place your orders today on 0720334926, 0728517267, or 0790115435. You can also an e-mail on or through our social media outlets FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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