A Collection of Natural Beauty Products

A Collection of Natural Beauty Products

Digital Marketing: Natural Beauty Products.

Wondering where to get natural beauty products in one collection? Well, this is now within reach. Head over to Conscious Products & Services for all your natural products.

They stock state of the art products, free from chemicals and additives. Ranging from beauty products, jewelry & natural soaps.

Do you love honey? Well, they also have organic honey from the semi arid regions of Kenya. The prices are also quite affordable considering the quality of the honey. They actually call is unadulterated honey.

As if that is not enough, there is also room for the lovers of natural beauty products. This include earrings, necklaces and bracelets made from fossils obtained from organic artefacts.

For instance, Botswana agate with rhinestones beads bracelet. This is  fortified with onyx, clay and rhinestones beads and a focal lava bead bracelet with a length of approximately 21.5cm. Botswana Agate is thought to shelter its wearer during travel amongst other things.

The Obsidian Stone Necklace & Earring is another amazing piece. Down to earth 2 piece set of Snowflake Obsidian Stone with stardust silver plated beads and a night sky acrylic focal for that spark. It is said that Snowflake Obsidian protects from negative energies and emotions whilst keeping one grounded, therefore dubbed ‘Stone of the self’.

Do you love fancy bracelets? Fluorite Stone Chips Bracelet stands out from a crowd of them all. Beautifully braided anklet or indeed bracelet of Fluorite stone chips with a length of approximately 24cm. It is said that Fluorite has the power to shut down mental or psychic manipulation!

There is a lot to buy and benefit from this amazing store. Place your order and have them delivered to your convenient pick up point all over East Africa.

Remember, they also have a return policy should there be any complaint on the purchase.



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