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An ecommerce Website For Swiss Packaging

They deal in supply of All packaging materials including non woven bags, paper pouches and bags, disposable cups, plates, masking tapes, serviettes, cake & pizza boxes, food containers among others

Gentum Media Services, Swiss Packaging Ltd
Gentum Media Services, Robin Packaging Ltd

Web design for Robin Packaging Limited

Suppliers of packaging materials, including khaki bags, non-woven bags, paper bags, cling films, aluminium foils, tissues, diapers, cello tapes, disposable cups, plates and forks. We offer them at wholesale and also retail.

Social Media Management

Website For Evory Homes Care Limited

They deal in wholesale and retail supply of cereals, house hold items, food products like rice, wheat, cooking oil, beauty products and so much more

Gentum Media Services, Jostar Grocer

Website For Jostar Grocers

They deal in Fresh groceries within Nairobi metropolitan area

Web Design

Web Design For Pinbudget Limited

A startup that deals in convenient shopping

Gentum Media Services, pinbudget Ltd
Gentum Media Services, Archzone Consult

Web Design Project For Archzone Consultants

They are an architectural firm providing services in building design, interior design, project management and building design surveys

Web Design
Corporate Branding

Website for Wholistic medical well being

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Gentum media services, wholistic medical
Gentum media services, Kajiado TV

Website For Kajiado TV

KajiadoTV is the Leading Online TV in Kajiado County, Established in 2021, Kajiado TV utilizes the Online Platforms to engage with Leaders, Business people, Sports men and women and Local mwananchi.

Web Design

Ecommerce Website for Ruinu Merchants

They are dealers in electronics and power tools ranging from weighing scales, kitchen scales, meat mincer, bulbs, farm tools, money safes, milking machines, drills, currency counting machines & so much more.

Gentum Media Services, Ruinu Merchants
Gentum Media Services, Kaloito Festival

Website for Kaloito Festival

Kaloito Festival is a Non-profit Youth hub and platform founded in 2018, meant to bring young people TOGETHER, to achieve, Meaningful youth engagement, promote Social accountability and fight retrogressive cultural practices.

Web Design

Ecommerce Site for Vardhman Impex Limited

VIL deal in Stationery, 
School uniform, Bags, Traveling Bags, Mattress, Plastics Items, House Hold Items, Lab Equipment, Sport Items, Electronics And So Much More.

Gentum Media Services, Vardhman Impex Ltd
Gentum Media Services, Alligator Electricals

Web design for Alligator Electricals

AE deal in both Electrical and Electronic Accessories and Equipment like Grinders, Drills, Polishing Machines, Sanding Machines, Terrazzo Machines, Electric Motors, Electric Motors Spare Parts like Capacitors, Centrifugal Switches, Cooling Fans, Capacitor Hoods Brushes, Armatures, Switches & Starter Coils

Web design services

Ecommerce Site for Conscious Products & Services

For Elegant Conscious Living, We Advocate For Responsible User & Environment Friendly Products

Gentum Media Services, Conscious Products & Services
Gentum Media Services, Paran Resort

Hospitality Website for Paran Resort

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Ecommerce Site for Wakmasters Terrazzo

Wakmasters Enterprises is located in Nairobi Kenya. They primarily deal in supply of terrazzo materials and hiring of terrazzo machines both electric and engine driven. They do also offer technical advice on issues related to terrazzo. They sell good grade terrazzo materials to guarantee you a good and durable terrazzo floor.

Gentum Media Services, Wakmasters Terrazo
Gentum Media Services, Conscious Psychotherapy

Website for Conscious Psychotherapy

The diversity and In-depth knowledge of people’s behavior in relation to their childhood and upbringing have shaped an astute skillset in comprehensively dealing with dysfunctional patterns.

Web Design
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