Best logbook loans in Kenya where the loan advanced will be secured against your car to help you meet your financial needs by Seed Credit, best logbook loan and car financing company in Kenya. This is a secure online loan.

What is a logbook loan?

A logbook loan is a collateral-based credit. You can offer up one of your assets to a bank as collateral. The bank or financial institution evaluates it, and you receive the exact amount in the form of a loan (based on the collateral evaluation). You make payments as if it was a typical loan, but you put your collateral asset to risk if payments aren‘t made. That means that you can still use your property, as long as you repay on time. For banks and other financial institutions, such loans are low-risk; that‘s why they don‘t affect your credit history.

Getting a logbook loan is now easier with Seed Credit logbook financing. All that is needed is a logbook under your name for them to start processing your loan within 24 hours. Financing is done on cars to secure your business or personal needs.
The beauty is, you still keep using your car and make affordable and flexible logbook loans payment for an extended period of time. Actually, you can pay the best logbook loans in Kenya for up to 12 months.
Similarly, you can quality up to 50% of the value of your car. This means that you can get logbook loans in Nairobi from Seed Credit and wherever else you are in Kenya. The year of manufacturer notwithstanding, we support quite a range of the cars available in Kenya.

How to I access the Best Logbook Loans in Kenya

They are accessible through a very efficient and straight-forward communication from the exceptional customer service. Reach them out on 0728716515 on calls or WhatsApp.
If you are in Nairobi, you can pay the cheapest logbook loans company in Kenya at Kimathi House, 8th Floor, Suite 804 along Kimathi Street, Nairobi and enjoy the best logbook loan deals in Kenya.

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