Best Practices for Getting Higher Open Rates.

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Now that you have the designed emails and you’ve taken steps to ensure they can get through to the inbox, you need to focus on getting higher open rates due to the actual content.

Whether you’re sending out welcome emails or cart abandonment emails with a coupon code, you want your customers to read what you’re sending.

Below are eight things to consider when trying to improve your email open rates.

1. Include clear “Unsubscribe” buttons.

Don’t make your potential customers search for a way out. Clearly give them a way to unsubscribe to your email list if they are not interested.

2. Personalize with segmented lists.

Customers want to feel like the emails they receive are meant for them and them alone.

Segmenting lists allows you to send more personalized emails with segment-specific customer data.

3. Test your emails.

Always test your emails to make sure you’re sending them out at the right time and with the right subject line.

Many of the email integrations mentioned above offer A/B testing, so you can directly track your email performance based on minute changes.

4. Clean your lists regularly.

Don’t keep spamming inactive users with emails. Trim your lists when they have too many inactive users.

A good place to start is by tracking domain performance, as mentioned above, and removing inactive users based on those open rates.

5. Write like a human.

Don’t sound overly robotic in your sales voice. Write to customers as if you’re giving them the inside scoop on something they want to hear.

Be a friend, not a robot.

6. Use emojis, numbers, and special characters (but not too much).

Make your subject line stand out with emojis, numbers, and special characters.

????Save On the Hottest Shades of 2020!

Just make sure you don’t go overboard and send something like this: CRAZY????GOOD????GLASSES????2020

7. Always include preview text.

Preview text is another tool you can use to entice users to engage with your content.

Tell them more about what your email contains and why they should open it.

If left blank, this text often appears meaningless (such as “view this email in your browser”), which wastes valuable space that could have been used to draw the recipient in.

8. Keep content quality high.

Make sure the email copy is engaging and promotes conversions. The better you write, the more likely your customers will want to open the email and keep reading.

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