How to Elevate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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At this point, it’s time to start looking at how you can take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Different departments and stakeholders may have different priorities, but your goal should be to create and deliver cleverly written emails that attract your customers’ attention, increase sales, and build stronger relationships.

There are two key steps to get started.

1. Focus on deliverability.

If your email marketing campaigns don’t make it to your customers, there’s no point.

Of course, some spammy messages, bounces, and missed opportunities are inevitable. However, by focusing on the five key points below, you can hone your emails, so they get into your customers’ inboxes.

Monitor engagement by domain. It’s possible to have a weak domain reputation with one domain (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) but a strong one with another.

Make sure to monitor each campaign to see how the open rates trend. Anything below 10% is a red flag and suggests that you might be hitting your recipients’ spam folders.

Segment lists based on domain performance. Based on the domain performance you’ve analyzed above, segment out non-engaged users, specifically in domains with poor engagement (below 15% open rates).

Don’t be afraid to go as narrow with your list as you need to start seeing stronger open rates. Only then should you begin widening your list.

In many instances when employing this strategy, you can see more total opens even after cutting your send list in half. This is because the low open rates don’t necessarily mean your subscribers aren’t interested, but could mean the domain providers aren’t allowing your emails to get through.

Avoid spammy subject lines. Email Service Providers will flag certain words as spammy. Avoiding these words (such as free, winner, and others), can help ensure that your company’s emails get delivered to your customers’ inboxes.

Sign up for Google Postmasters. Google Postmasters helps you monitor your reputation with Gmail, monitor your email performance, and route your messages correctly.

Write alt text. There will be instances where images don’t show up in your email, which can be an issue with emails that consist mainly of images. Email Providers often provide functionality where, in this case, you can provide alt text as an image replacement, so the recipient knows what’s missing.

Email Service Providers use alt text as a factor in determining sender reputation, which ultimately impacts email deliverability. Including alt text helps tick the box and can keep your reputation strong.

Ask your subscribers to whitelist your emails. Requesting that your subscribers save your email address or save the emails to the primary tab ensures the emails don’t go to the promotions or spam folders.

Enable double authentication. Requiring users to confirm their interest in joining your list ensures that the only people receiving your emails are ones that can be expected to open them.

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2. Set Up Automatic Email Series.

Your main goal should be to drive more sales in less time, automatically. That’s why you need to focus on setting up automatic email series.

Below, we outline four email series ideas you can and should use.

Welcome series. Create an email welcome series with preferably three emails.

  • First, consider offering a promotion with a discount code for joining your list.
  • Then, automatically email the customer back in 1-2 days if they don’t purchase using the code.
  • Finally, email them noting that the promo code will expire shortly and they shouldn’t miss out. This creates urgency.

Abandoned cart series. Create a three-part abandoned cart email series.

  • First, email to offer a discount code to complete their checkout.
  • Second, send a follow-up email, reminding them to complete their order with the discount code.
  • Third, send a final follow-up email.

Re-engagement series. Create a re-engagement campaign series that targets unengaged users.

Email anyone who hasn’t engaged with your campaigns in a while. The exact timing you should follow depends on your industry. For example, ecommerce can be six months while daily newsletters can be a few weeks.

Then, if the customer continues not to engage, unsubscribe them from your list.

Triggered email series. You should also consider getting more creative with your triggered email series.

Below are a few examples:

  • Create a birthday series that sends a coupon code as a birthday gift.
  • Create a browse abandonment email, which sends to anyone who browsed a product.
  • Create a post-purchase email series asking purchasers for reviews of their recently purchased product. Include some suggestions of other products they might like.
  • Create a back-in-stock email series that lets subscribers know their product is back in stock.


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