Humility is one of the most important virtues we should cultivate in our lives. It helps us avoid pride and arrogance. We often think that humility is something that only comes naturally to others. But, it’s not true. You too can develop an attitude of humility. You don’t have to be perfect to get things done.

And no one deserves less respect than anyone else.

If you treat others with respect, they will return the favor. You’ll find that when you show respect, people respond positively. Respect others by treating them with kindness and respect. This includes respecting yourself too.

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Analogy of the Great Lion

No matter how long he lives, the greatest lion will eventually die & probably a miserable death. At their peak, they rule, chase other animals, catch, devour & gulp them leaving their crumps to hyenas. However, age comes fast. When it does, the old lion is unable to hunt or kill their prey, neither is he able to defend himself. He roams and roars until he runs out of luck. He will be cornered by the hyenas, nibbled at and eaten alive by them. Sadly, they won’t even let him die before he is dismembered.

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Humility is not Weakness – Why it Pays to Be More Humble in Life

Life is short. Power is ephemeral. Physical beauty is short-lived. This is clearly seen in lions and the same can be said of people, no matter how powerful they might have been or perceived to be. Treat people well. Respect everyone. Do not cause fear in people with your position of influence or otherwise. The biggest test of a person is how they treat people below them, say a subordinate or a support staff in your place of work. Treat them with the same respect you would treat your MD or CEO or your boss for that matter.

Therefore, let us all be humble. Help the sick if you can, support the needy if in position to lend a hand, especially if you know they can never repay the favor accorded to them. It pays to be humble in life. Always.

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Above all, never forget that we will all leave the stage at some point. All is vanity.

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