Aluminium foil is for sure a greater way of packaging and its taking the industry by a storm. Almost every food vendor or dealer in town has at least used or is currently using Aluminium foil in their packaging. There is a reason why this is so common nowadays.

First, Aluminum is impervious to moisture, light, bacteria and all gases. Because of it’s ability to block out bacteria and moisture especially, it helps the food last longer than if it were wrapped in plastic.
Secondly, Foil wrapping is ideal for anyone who is storing food that will be reheating it in the near future. Since aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures, it makes this food packing material the best tool for the job.
Thirdly, Using aluminum foil to package your food helps to seal in the odor without having to open your fridge and be stopped dead in your tracks because of an unbearable smell.
Fourth, the ease of packaging your food with aluminum foil is what makes it the most ideal house hold and food industry item. It forms easily around any shape and takes just a few seconds to complete the packaging process.
Finally on this, packaging your food with aluminum foil will help prevent the food from coming in contact with germs, as it is highly resistant to all bacteria.

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