Web Design Facts You Should Know

Web design is a development process for creating a website that focuses on various aesthetic factors. These include but not limited to layout, user interface and other visual imagery. The ultimate goal of web design is to create a website that attractive or interesting to see and to use.

Your website is the center of your digital presence. It’s one of the few places on the internet where you can deliver your brand’s message free of distortion or distraction. In fact, it works as the first and ever available point of reference to your brand or products.

When coming up with a website, you and your designer must truthfully answer the following correctly.


Any website is made to solve a certain need and it should do it precisely. For instance, a hotel larger purpose is to serve food buyers. The management ensures that there is enough food prepared for its customers. The users on the other hand buys ready food from the hotel. Once food is prepared, there should be good communication between between the attendants and the customers to keep up to date with the current menu. If you have a hotel where you only cook but no one buys, then that’s not serving the purpose.


No one wants a website that is not relevant to their need. You do not put up designer suits on a hotel website. The content of a hotel website should be related and relevant to how to get the best food, and the process laid down on how to order food.

User Friendliness

A good website should be user friendly and easier to work your way around it. Customers should find the information they want easily. It should provide clear and easy navigation from one page to another.


We live in modern times where mobile devices are common tools. Recent internet statistics show that majority of internet users do so using mobile gadgets. You would want your website to be well displayed on these devices without a shred of doubt. It should fit well in a browser of large PC monitor, note pad as well as a mobile phone.

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Emphasis could not be made much stronger than this. Does your website provide customers with real time updates on their order? Can your customer access your website at their convenience? Is your site accessible only on specific times of the week or day?

Speed and Performance

You cannot afford to have a website that is slow when presenting contents to your potential customers. People are generally in a hurry. No one wants to wait a second longer if they can get it on a click.


A web design project should ensure a website be optimized for different devices, browsers, data speed, search engines, and users. Mobile devices users may opt to leave your website if it is not optimized for use and download speed.


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In today’s world, security is a major concern to online users. Emphasis should be put on the industry’s guideline on the security of users. For instance, a hotel website would require users to place orders online and make payments using credit or debit cards. You would want to ensure that your website is fully secure with an SSL encryption.

The information users provide should be encrypted and passwords not displayed as plain texts. In an event a user has forgotten a password, it is recommended to not only provide a reset password right away but normalize asking a security question to the user as well.

Current Technology

A good website is one that is build with the current technology in mind so as to handle trends and features that come with modern day uses. It should be responsive as earlier mentioned to support cross devices users as well as fit on diverse screens.

Elasticity on Web Design

A quality website is one that is able to handle an expandable number of potential visitors at a given time.

These applies to interfaces, back-end databases, services and APIs as well. All are supposed to be elastic in that they can handle increased number and expanded use now and in the future.

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We cannot exhaust all the requirements that are a good website may require. We however picked out the 10 most important features necessary to have a powerful website.

Our team is dedicated to provide you with the very best design. Let us discuss your project and forge a way to position you on the right track.