Gunia or Sacks For Sale in Kenya, Gentum Media Services

Gunia or Sacks For Sale in Kenya

Gunia or Sacks For Sale in Kenya: Quality gunia bags also known as sacks are available at wholesale prices from the best packaging company in Nairobi, where they deliver them all over the country. GUNIA/Sacks available from 5kg to 90kg … Read More

Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change, gentum media services

Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change

Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change: It’s no wonder that innovation is so difficult for established firms. They employ highly capable people—and then set them to work within processes and business models that doom them to failure. But there are … Read More

Best logbook loans in Kenya, Gentum Media Services, Cheapest logbook loans in Kenya

The Best Logbook Loans in Kenya

Best logbook loans in Kenya where the loan advanced will be secured against your car to help you meet your financial needs by Seed Credit, best logbook loan and car financing company in Kenya. This is a secure online loan. What is a logbook … Read More

Aluminium Foil, Gentum Media Services, Swiss Packaging Ltd

Aluminium Foil and Its Benefits in Packaging

Aluminium foil is for sure a greater way of packaging and its taking the industry by a storm. Almost every food vendor or dealer in town has at least used or is currently using Aluminium foil in their packaging. There … Read More

Women's Day, Gentum Media Services, International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Women’s Day: Women make the best managers because they are always managing different aspects of their lives and inspiring us to do the same. To Every Woman Out There, Keep Shining and Smiling As Always! A Charming Woman doesn’t follow … Read More

paper Containers, Gentum Media Services

Paper Containers For Food Packaging In Nairobi

Paper Containers: In the spirit of environment conservation, the best packaging company now has paper containers. You can buy them at wholesale prices. Delivery is done countrywide. Delivery Customers all over Kenya can now enjoy products at their convenience. This … Read More

Why Is Russia Attacking Ukraine, Gentum Media Services

Why Is Russia Attacking Ukraine

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine? The million-dollar question everyone is asking of late. Funny though, there seem to be a million reasons for this single question. You are left wondering which one of them is true. After the Soviet Union … Read More

Digital Marketing Opportunity, Gentum Media Services

Digital Marketing Opportunity For Businesses

Digital Marketing Opportunity For Businesses: Ever since covid-19 invaded the planet, things have never been the same again.   For some, it meant permanent closure of business doors, leading to massive job losses as well as sources of livelihoods. Many … Read More

Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetables, Gentum Media Services

Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetables

Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetables: These rosemary roasted root vegetables make a delicious side dish that is perfect for a weeknight dinner, or a holiday meal. Made with carrots, parsnips, beets, potatoes, and sweet potatoes – this recipe is vegan, gluten-free, … Read More

Web Design Deals For SMEs, Gentum Media Services, Digital Marketing, Web Design.

Web Design Deals For SMEs

Web Design Deals For SMEs: Entrepreneurs, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can now smile even better. This is because we have an amazing web design deal tailor made for them. As we approach the end of year 2021, make it … Read More

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